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Sadly most of them would just take it as given and take it to their graves.And such kind of propaganda was used as an excuse to massacre innocent Japanese women, children, and old men.

The Block economy of western countries which owned so much territory, market, and natural resources was the main reason of WW2.Japanese generals were executed on the charge of the killing innocent people after the war.In fact, there was a military incident in 1863 between the British and the Satsuma domain in what is now Kagoshima.

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Etoh Jun was a literary critic when among the writers he manupilate everyone with his politics and when among politicians he acted and talked like a delegade of Japanese literary world.The war crimes of Japanese were judged after the war and thousands of Japanese were executed.

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The biggest lesson of WW2 for human being is to establish a free trade system in the world.

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They were Japanese and fought as Japanese against Allied force.I also think that Japan as apologized more than once, and more than enough, for what it did in Asia during World War II, and the massive amounts of compensation Japan has paid to its former colonies deserves to be recognized.Hokkaido Univ.has interesting to report on Japanese prisoners in USSR and Mongolia during WW2.(in Japanese).

The point is, though the real winners have stopped to criticize losers with new fabricated propaganda, countries which did not defeat Japan have tried to use this propaganda again and again.So, US solders were forced to fight in jungle for long days and suffered disease and starve.Share this: Email Twitter Tumblr Facebook Google LinkedIn Like this: Like Loading.Typical Japanese argument, blame it all on the few Kapo Koreans under the command of Japanese, for their lack of civility.The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt.Most Korean historians tried to fabricate the history which says Korean was a victim, not an accomplice.The liberation of Asia form European was Japanese propaganda.Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures.Search the history of over 306 billion web pages on the Internet.

In US, 57% of Americans answered it was justice to massacre innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.We know some of the stories that have gotten glossed over in the West, such as the one about the Japanese prisoners held in equally brutal conditions in the Soviet Union for 11 years after the war.If oil is stopped, all of the countries must select to fight or surrender.After the world depression of 1929, British Empire, French empire and US which owned big territory with big markets and natural resources started to introduce block economy policy to shut out foreign products.

In addition, I think that people affirming war crimes of 731 corps and Nanjing avoid a logical argument as far as I watch a Japanese net argument.I think it is better to try to read some authentic history books rather than gathering information only from internet.I have absolutely no doubt that Japanese prisoners were mistreated by the Western allies after the Japanese surrender nor do I have any issue in recognising the crimes of colonial powers in Asia and the rest of the world but by selectively highlighting one facet of this book you reveal yourself as an exponent of craven moral equivalence.I am sure US would invade Middle East if OPEC declares to stop to sell oil to US.The tragedy for everyone is the means by which that success was achieved.The reason why so many US soldiers were dead is most of them suffered disease and starve when they surrendered.It preferred cheap conscript labour and seemed to enjoy humiliating these legions of the lost.That is the reason why industrialized countries without markets and resources started to expand the territories.

NHK also reported about such kind situation of history education in US.Massacre of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is nothing for them.

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This was tagged: kizan worms coupon 2017, 2015, coupons, vouchers. and filed under promotions.One might try to excuse British behavior by arguing that they were just getting back at the Japanese for the earlier cruelties they suffered.

This also led to several unequal commercial treaties, in which foreigners were given the right to immunity in Japan, i.e., they could commit crimes in Japan but could only be tried by their own courts and not Japanese courts.Regarding the use of biochemical weapon by Japanese, please show me the evidence you found in the books you read.This entry was posted on Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 1:18 am and is filed under Books, History, World War II.

Winners were justice, and losers were evil, that idea was just created by Allied force.

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War is too complex a phenomenon to be reduced to such platitudes.

The environment in which they act is not the realities themselves, but the pseudo-environment of reports, rumors, and guesses.But, nothing justifies killing innocent civillians, children and women.The British and Russians in particular really screwed around in the waters off Japan.After WW1, Germen challenged Allied force again because Allied force asked so much reparation after the war to Germany.I think most people in the world are living in the selective memories.It is more important to conclude the conflicts of countries in trading and business before it becomes the reason of war.The USA was the first who successed to invent the A-bomb, they were at total war with Japan, which the Japanese began, they had to think about the military race which will happen after the war with the USSR.I personaly have no grudge about that, but I never heard any convincing argument why A-bomb should be used.In China, Nationalists fought against Japan mainly, not communists.

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